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CMA Group of Companies

CmaGroup of Companies is the leading provider of sterling investment opportunities in a wide array of promising fields. Our scope of services literally encompasses the complete gamut of business portfolios.

Our capability of mobilizing resources gives us the competitive edge. We have strategic partnerships with leading service providers which further strengthen our resource potential.

We are perfectly suited to help our strategic allies and customers with bespoke solutions that would catalyse your organizational efficiency and ROI to achieve exponential growth.

Our services are panoptic. We assist you in reaching the acme of professional success by sweating the business channels that might have evaded your focus. We have an accomplished fleet of professionals who possess immense industry wide experience and relevant insights to help earmark business spheres that can be optimally developed. We offer customized services that include in their scope all spheres of business. Our competent professionals have in-depth and incisive understanding of your business and this helps them in crafting unique solutions that would lead to better sweating of the strength areas.

CMA group of companies offers an extensive array of services related to the diverse domains of legal, finance, taxation, investments, sales and marketing, infrastructure development, farmhouse projects, construction joint venture, media, entertainment and many others. We have handpicked seasoned professionals to take your business to newer levels of success. We never compromise on the quality of services and the best resources have been allocated for turbocharging your business’ performance.

CMA group attaches great importance to research and development. It is viewed as the mainstay for any company that wishes to stay ahead in the race. With this in perspective, our company invests substantially in research and development projects to offer our patrons a more personalized and contemporary experience.

The board of Directors is constituted of eminent personalities who have glorious industry backgrounds in relevant segments. The thrust is on infusion of new talents to further sharpen our service edge. With this in view, a talent pool has been created of the best young minds in the country to optimally serve our clients and patrons.

Our clients hail from prestigious fields and they would vouch for the service efficiency, responsiveness and engagement level of our team.


CMA Group of Companies is driven by the sole mission of providing cutting edge services that would help your venture realize its fullest potential by weeding out bottlenecks and constraints. In this regard, we would provide tailored services that would facilitate your business to rise above concerns pertaining to finance, legal, taxation, resource mobilization, capital creation, mergers, acquisitions, brand building, promotions, marketing and much more.


Our vision is to become one stop destination of integrated solutions’ provider to facilitate businesses of every size and range to corner their respective markets decisively and provide heightened customer experience. We would help materialize entrepreneurs’ aspirations by providing holistic business solutions that would cover the entire gamut of challenges experienced by them.



Mr. Paresh Seth Rao’s ambitious visions materialized in the form of the entire spectrum of prestigious companies operating under the canopy of CMA group. Apart from laying the foundation stone of the company, he keeps a keen eye on the financial aspect of the group. He has a distinctive presence in the national and offshore money maker circles.

Pradeep B Sawant Director

Pradeep B Sawant Director

Mr. Pradeep B Sawant heads CMA resources and advisory. His towering personality, visionary perspective and thorough grip over the debt, asset, legal, brand building and other sectors has lent him an inimitable credibility in the market.



Mr. Santosh Parab is a name to reckon with in the Indian Realty business. He has risen to prominence within a remarkably short time and is well versed with the entire gamut of real estate intricacies. He is at the helm of CMA Infra division.

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