Cma Genesis, our commitment is to rejuvenate the health of Indians with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda blended with the expertise of modern Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Our aim is to hand you back the key of consummate happiness so that you can live a fulfilling life free of worries.

Products marketed by us;


This unique product is commingled of Shatavari, Safed musli, ashwagandha and kavach beej. Body’s strength and stamina is boosted and a number of sexual problems are surmounted successfully. If you have been suffering from inflammation of sexual organs, sexual organ dysfunction, impotence or a decrease in libido, Genega has been made only for you. The Jayphal content is beneficial in improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and treating indigestion, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Safed Musli is effective in maintaining the youthful vigor for prolonged period, allow you to take stress in your stride, and enhance sexual stamina. Kavach beej is an excellent nervine toxic which leads to better control over nerves and promotes increased testosterone secretion by simulating the function of pituitary gland.

MUCOOL Hair Oil:

Prepared from Jaswand or Hibiscus Rosesinansis, the oil is advantageous for promoting healthy hair growth, glowing strong hair, minimizing hair splitting, and controlling hair graying, and inducing sound sleep. The hair is to be applied to the scalp with the finger gently before going to sleep and then washing off in the morning.


This multi cleaner product has been revolutionary in terms of the sparkling cleanliness it can bring about by fighting off the most obstinate of dirt in an extremely effective manner.


The capsules when taken daily after meals would help burn the extra calories that has given rise to that love handle around your waist. If obesity has assumed uncontrollable proportions, take 1 or 2 capsules daily and experience the fat melt away seamlessly.


This unique product is useful for pregnant mothers and proves beneficial during lactation.

CMA genesis is continuously engaging itself in Research and Development to come up with more unique products that would change the way you have been leading your life.


We also offer different tastes of wine using variety of grapes sealed as a Wineage. Pick any Wineage bottle and get best refreshment combining it with various accomplishments. Raise the glass that contains original essence of wine that gives you a soothing feel…

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